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Atlas - Neck

Sternocleidomastoid muscle
Common carotid artery
Internal jugular vein
Vagus nerve
Deep cervical lymph nodes
External carotid artery
Superficial cervical lymph nodes
Trapezius muscle
Sternal manubrium
Spine of the scapula
Parotid gland
Longus capitis muscle
Longus colli muscle
Body of hyoid
Thyroid gland
Omohyoid muscle
Hyoid bone
Anterior scalene muscle
Middle scalene muscle
Levator scapulae muscle
External jugular vein
Subclavian artery
Brachial plexus
Cervical plexus
Accessory nerve
Digastric muscle
Posterior belly of digastric muscle
Internal carotid artery
Superior thyroid artery
Hypoglossal nerve
Accessory nerve
Sternothyroid muscle
Sternohyoid muscle
Thyrohyoid muscle
Inferior thyroid artery
Mylohyoid muscle
Facial artery
Lingual artery
Mylohyoid nerve
Submandibular gland
Submandibular lymph nodes
Body of mandible
Lesser occipital nerve
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
Arytenoid cartilage
Corniculate cartilage
Cricoid cartilage
Thyroid cartilage
Epiglottic cartilage
Thyrohyoid membrane
Vestibular ligament
Median cricothyroid ligament
Lateral cricoarytenoid muscle
Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle
Vocal ligament
Vocal muscle
Thyroarytenoid muscle
Elastic cone
Lateral thyrohyoid ligament
Median thyrohyoid ligament
Cricotracheal ligament
Aryepiglottic fold
Superior laryngeal artery
Superior laryngeal vein
Superior laryngeal nerve
Transverse arytenoid muscle
Cricothyroid muscle
Recurrent laryngeal nerve
External branch of superior laryngeal nerve
Internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve
Oblique arytenoid muscle
Ansa cervicalis
Geniohyoid muscle
Stylohyoid muscle
Mandibular nerve
Genioglossus muscle
Supraclavicular fossa
Cricothyroid muscle
External jugular vein
External branch of superior laryngeal nerve
Supraclavicular nerves
Subclavian artery
Internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve
Internal jugular vein
Vagus nerve
Transverse arytenoid muscle
Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
Subclavian artery

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