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Nasal region - want to learn more about it?

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Atlas - Nasal region

Nasal bone
Frontal bone
Sphenoid bone
Cribriform plate
Palatine process of maxilla
Lacrimal bone
Palatine bone
Ethmoid bone
Inferior nasal concha
Nasal septum
Perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone
Cartilage of nasal septum
Middle nasal concha
Superior nasal concha
Nasolacrimal duct
Ophthalmic artery
Maxillary artery
Facial artery
Sphenopalatine vein
Septal and lateral nasal branches of posterior ethmoidal vein
Anterior lateral nasal branches of anterior ethmoidal vein
Olfactory nerve
Ophthalmic nerve
Maxillary nerve
Nasopalatine nerve
Greater palatine nerve
Olfactory bulb
Agger nasi
Anterior nasal aperture
Lesser alar cartilages
Greater alar cartilage
Lateral nasal cartilage
Nasal surface of maxilla
Sphenopalatine foramen
Medial plate of pterygoid process
Limen nasi
Inferior nasal meatus
Middle nasal meatus
Superior nasal meatus
Sphenoethmoidal recess
Frontal sinus
Sphenoidal sinus
Nasal vestibule
Lesser palatine foramen
Greater palatine foramen
Greater wing of sphenoid bone
Horizontal plate of palatine bone
Crista galli
Hard palate
Soft palate
Posterior process of cartilage of nasal septum
Sphenopalatine artery
Anterior septal branches of anterior ethmoidal artery
Septal and lateral nasal branches of posterior ethmoidal artery
Greater palatine artery
Superior labial artery
Posterior ethmoidal artery
Anterior ethmoidal artery
Facial vein
Pterygoid plexus
Supraorbital nerve
Supratrochlear nerve
Supraorbital artery
Supratrochlear artery
Frontal process of maxilla
Ethmoid bone
Sphenoid bone
Orbital plate of ethmoid bone

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