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Regions of the back and buttocks

Learning objectives

After completing this study unit you will be able to:

  1. Name the regions of the back and buttocks.
  2. Describe the location and boundaries of each region.
  3. List the main contents of each region.

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The back and the buttocks comprise the posterior aspect of the trunk. Like the rest of the body, the back and the buttocks are divided into several regions, which help clinicians localize, describe and communicate various diseases and injuries clearly and accurately. 

Learn more about the location and boundaries of the regions of the back and buttocks by watching this video!

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Take a closer look at the regions of the back and buttocks in the gallery below.


Key points about the regions of the back and buttocks
Regions of the back Suprascapular region, scapular region, interscapular region, infrascapular region, triangle of auscultation, vertebral region, lumbar region, sacral region
Regions of the buttock Gluteal region, anal region, coccygeal region
Main contents Suprascapular region: Trapezius muscle
Scapular region
: Rotator cuff muscles
Interscapular region
: Rhomboid major and minor muscles
Infrascapular region
: Latissimus dorsi muscle
Vertebral region
: Vertebral column
Lumbar region
: Psoas major, quadratus lumborum, latissimus dorsi, intrinsic muscles of the back
Sacral region
: Sacrum
Gluteal region
: Gluteal muscles
Anal region
: Anus and perianal skin
Coccygeal region
: Coccygeal bone

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