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Body regions: Learn with quizzes and labeled diagrams

Recommended video: Regions of the upper limb [17:55]
Regions of the upper limb seen from the anterior and posterior views.

Being able to learn the human anatomy region by region is a very helpful way of splitting up the overwhelming amount there is to learn about the body. What’s more, knowing the body regions is important as healthcare professionals use them to clearly and accurately communicate with one another regarding injuries or pathologies to underlying structures.

But, unfortunately… these reasons don’t change the fact that there is still a lot to learn. And you may still be wondering where on earth to start. We understand your pain! That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire article to help you break down the anatomical regions of the body step by step. Keep reading to find out our top tips.

Download your free PDF worksheet of the regions of the upper and lower limb below.
  1. Regions of the body: What are they?
  2. Body regions labeling
    1. Unlabeled and labeled diagrams
  3. Body regions quiz
    1. Basic identification
    2. Advanced identification
    3. Exam questions (question bank)
    4. Intelligent mix
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Regions of the body: What are they?

Regions of the body are essentially ways of compartmentalizing the body to make it easier to learn. Broadly speaking, the body can be split into two primary regions: the axial, and the appendicular. However, within these two regions are several sub-regions. And within those sub-regions, are even more sub-regions. Agh! When we think of it like this, it can all start to seem the opposite of easy to learn.

But don’t worry. As usual here at Kenhub, we’ve broken it down for you.

Once you’ve learned how to classify each of these regions, you can come back to this page to learn about how to use our body regions quizzes and labeling exercises to test your knowledge.

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Body regions labeling

For a topic like anatomical regions of the body, labeling exercises are a highly intuitive way to learn. 

Unlabeled and labeled diagrams

Have a look at the labeled images of the regions of the upper and lower limb below. Spend a few minutes connecting what you’ve learned in the video with what you see labeled.

Study the main regions of the upper limb with this handy labeled diagram
Study the main regions of the lower limb with this handy labeled diagram

Once you think you’ve got a good idea of which region is which, you can test your memory by labeling a blank diagram yourself. 

We’ve created a blank diagram free for you to download as A PDF below. You can also download the labeled version and use this to make some notes. Are you ready to put yourself to the test?

Download PDF Worksheet (blank) Download PDF Worksheet (labeled)

Along with body regions labeling quizzes, you can test yourself with some more traditional quiz styles. We’ll talk about those in the next section. 

Body regions quiz

Quizzes can help you to learn a topic from the ground up, or support memory consolidation of what you have already learned. We offer four different quiz types, which can be found by clicking on the boxes at the bottom of this article:

Basic identification

Test your ability to identify each anatomical region by matching the highlighted image with the correct region. 

Advanced identification

Step up the difficulty by testing yourself to spell the region that corresponds to the highlighted image with no word prompts!

Exam questions (question bank)

The most difficult anatomical region quiz we have. Apply your anatomical knowledge to complex questions and clinical scenarios.

Intelligent mix

Test yourself on the body region of your choice using a combination of all of the quiz types above. Perfect if you’re looking to test yourself from every angle!

Now that you know your options, all that’s left to do is select one of the anatomical region quizzes below to get started!

Love this approach to studying? Check out our full guide to learning with human anatomy diagrams and quizzes.

Body regions: Learn with quizzes and labeled diagrams: want to learn more about it?

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