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Regions of the lower limb

Learning objectives

After completing this study unit you will be able to:

  1. List the main regions of the lower limb.
  2. Name the main contents of each region of the lower limb.

Watch video

Like the rest of the body, the lower limb is divided into many smaller regions that help clinicians describe, diagnose and treat pathologic conditions of the lower limb. The lower limb has an anterior and a posterior surface. Each surface consists of different regions that have their own boundaries and clinically important contents, such as muscles, bones and neurovascular structures.

Learn how to differentiate between these regions and see what they contain by watching the video below.

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After watching the video, take that newly found knowledge and test yourself on the regions of the lower limb.

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Many of the main regions of the lower limb are also known by other names. Some of these represent their synonyms, and some are related terms that may be used interchangeably. It’s important you know these as you will find them in anatomy textbooks, articles, videos and quizzes.

Important anatomy terms for regions of the lower limb
Thigh region Femoral region
Anterior region of thigh:
Anterior femoral region
Posterior region of thigh:
Posterior femoral region
Femoral triangle Scarpa’s triangle, femoral trigone
Knee region Anterior region of knee: Patellar region
Posterior region of knee
: Popliteal fossa
Leg region Posterior region of leg: Sural region
Ankle region Talocrural region
Foot region Sole of foot: Plantar region
Dorsum of foot
: Dorsal region of foot
Medial border of foot
: Tibial border of foot
Lateral border of foot
: Fibular border of foot

Review the major regions of the lower limb highlighted individually on the following atlas images. Take your time to compare the position and boundaries of each region relative to other regions of the lower limb.


Key points about the regions of the lower limb
Main regions of the lower limb Gluteal region, hip region, femoral region, knee region, leg region, ankle region, foot region
Main subregions of lower limb regions Gluteal region: Intergluteal cleft, gluteal fold
Thigh region
: Anterior region of thigh, femoral triangle, posterior region of thigh
Knee region
: Anterior region of knee, posterior region of knee, popliteal fossa
Leg region
: Anterior region of leg, posterior region of leg, sural region
Foot region
: Heel region, dorsum of foot, sole of foot, metatarsal region, regions of digits, interdigital spaces of foot

Well done!

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