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How To Pass Anatomy with Flying Colors: Erin’s Story

“My class just ended — and I got a 4.0! Thanks for having a great website!”
Profile picture of Erin Kirby
Erin Kirby

Prerequisite Anatomy & Physiology Course for Registered Nursing, Olympic College, Washington

Favorite section of Kenhub?
The quizzes – for sure!
You can only pick one: Anatomy or histology?
Favorite anatomical region?
Thoracic and abdominal muscles - the way they're layered and work together and in opposition is so amazing!
You are stuck on a desert island.
What body part will come in most useful?
The skull – so I can use it as a bowl :)
Illustration of Skull

Today we’re talking to Erin, a pre-registered nursing student from the US. After a 22 year break from schooling to raise a family, Erin is finishing up her prerequisites to apply to the Registered Nurse program at her local community college. Embarking upon a nursing career after such a long break from studying may seem like a pretty daunting task… but Erin is nailing it. Since signing up for a Kenhub Premium subscription, she has been able to achieve a 4.0 in her exam! Here’s what Erin had to say about how Kenhub helped her to ace anatomy.

When we spoke previously, you said you achieved a 4.0 in your exam - congratulations! How have your grades improved since using Kenhub? And can you explain what a 4.0 is for anyone who doesn't know?

Basically an A :) The first test of my course covered Histology. I hadn't found Kenhub yet and I got a 92% using notes!

Wow, 92% is a pretty great score. So why did Erin approach Kenhub? Because she wanted to do even better, of course.

After I started with Kenhub my studying became much more systematic. The online tutorials make it easy to learn new anatomy points and their corresponding physiology. I ended the class with 592/600 points.

...and that she did! After becoming a Premium Kenhub member, Erin achieved a whopping 592/600 points on her exam - the equivalent of a 98.6% grade! So how did she do it?

How to Prepare for Anatomy Exams

How did using Kenhub help you to feel more prepared for your exam?

The way the program teaches you and then quizzes you really worked for me. I also really like how you can select the level of difficulty on the quizzes. The spelling features also I think were very beneficial as my professor didn't allow us to have a word bank to draw from - it had to be memorized. I used Kenhub to study the bones of the axial and appendicular skeleton, 86 specific muscles and the OIA of 12 muscles (all selected by my professor). If I had to select one tool it would be the quizzes. Being able to repeat them over and over, change the level of difficulty and challenge myself were all really huge benefits.

Of course, even top grade students experience their own struggles with learning anatomy...

“Get Kenhub – you won’t regret it!”
Photo of Erin Kirby

What has been the biggest challenge for you in learning anatomy?

There's just so much to memorize! It's nice how Kenhub breaks it down into easy to learn areas. It's really my go-to. Studying the skeleton and cadavers was also required for my course, but it was better for me to study on Kenhub and then prove to myself my knowledge in the lab.

Kenhub in Review

In an earlier email to us, you said that the websites that accompany your class textbooks are more expensive and not as easy to navigate. What do you think it is that sets Kenhub apart?

When I'm paying $200 for a book I don't want to pay an additional $65 for the website each month. Kenhub is great value, easy to navigate and find what you want to study. I just didn't get that from the other website.

“Kenhub is great value, easy to navigate and find what you want to study.”

What has Kenhub taught you about learning anatomy?

That I can do it! Hard work and perseverance mixed with Kenhub makes a winning combination!

Finally, do you have any tips or words of advice for struggling anatomy students out there?

Get Kenhub - you won't regret it!

Thank you Erin for sharing your inspirational Kenhub success story. What an achievement!

Would YOU like to share your story of how Kenhub helped you to learn anatomy? Get in touch!

If you want to supercharge your anatomy learning and boost your grades just like Erin, be sure to register for your FREE Kenhub account today. Our quizzes, articles, videos, atlas AND anatomy geeks are here to guide you through your anatomy education every step of the way.

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