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Bone matrix

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Bone is the basic unit of the human skeletal system.

Bone is a specialized connective tissue composed of three main components: 

The bone matrix is the intercellular substance of the bone that forms most of the mass of the bone. It consists of two types of material: organic and inorganic

The inorganic portion makes about half of the weight of the bone. It mostly consists of calcium hydroxyapatite, but there are also significant amounts of bicarbonate, citrate, magnesium, potassium, and sodium ions. 

The organic portion of the bone matrix consists of collagen fibers (type I), proteoglycans, and glycoproteins (e.g. osteonectin and osteocalcin). The organic material is produced and secreted by the osteoblasts. When osteoblasts actively produce the bone matrix components they are cuboid in shape and their cytoplasm is basophilic. In contrast, when they are in an inactive state they flatten and their basophilic features reduce.

The main function of the bone matrix is to provide mechanical support for the bones. 

Terminology English: Bone matrix
Latin: Matrix ossea
Definition The intercellular substance of the bone that forms most of the mass of the bone.
Function Mechanical support and exerts essential role in the bone homeostasis. 

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