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False ribs

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Main features of the ribs.

The Ribs are curved, flat bones that form the larger part of the thoracic cage. There are twelve pairs of ribs, all of which articulate posteriorly with the vertebral column and terminate anteriorly in a costal cartilage.

The upper seven pairs of ribs are known as true ribs because their costal cartilages articulate anteriorly directly with the sternum.

The lower five pairs of ribs (ribs eight to twelve) are known as false ribs because their costal cartilages do not articulate directly with the sternum. The costal cartilages of ribs eight to ten connect with the costal cartilages of the ribs above. The costal cartilages of the ribs eleven and twelve have no articulation with other ribs or with the sternum and are know as floating ribs

The ribs protect the thoracic organs and provide attachment points to the muscles of the back, chest and proximal upper limb.

Terminology English: False ribs
Latin Costae spuriae
Synonym: 8th-12th ribs
Definition Ribs whose costal cartilages do not articulate directly with the sternum 

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