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Glomerular capsule

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The glomerular capsule, also known as Bowman's capsule, is the blind expanded end of a renal tubule. It is a double layered epithelial capsule surrounding the glomerulus. The glomerular capsule together with the glomerulus are termed the renal corpuscle, the site of blood filtration within the kidneys

The outer (parietal) wall of the glomerular capsule is lined by simple squamous epithelium, while the glomerular (visceral) wall is composed of podoctyes. Between the two layers is the urinary (Bowman's) space, which is continuous with the proximal convoluted tubule. Filtrate from the glomerulus empties into this space and is transported into the proximal convoluted tubule. 

Terminology English: Glomerular capsule
Latin: Capsula glomerularis
Definition Double layered epithelial capsule surrounding the glomerulus of the nephron
Function Forms the renal corpuscle together with the glomerulus, the site of blood filtration within the kidneys.

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