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Inferior sagittal sinus

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Definition, location and tributaries of the inferior sagittal sinus.
Inferior sagittal sinus (Sinus sagittalis inferior)

The inferior sagittal sinus is a dural venous sinus found within the inferior, free margin of the falx cerebri (a fold of dura mater). This sinus collects the blood from the falx and often from the medial surfaces of the brain hemispheres.

The inferior sagittal sinus ends at the intersection of the falx cerebri and tentorium cerebelli. Here, it joins the great cerebral vein (of Galen) to form the straight sinus.

This article will discuss the anatomy and function of the inferior sagittal sinus.

Key facts about the inferior sagittal sinus
Tributaries Veins of falx cerebri, anterior pericallosal vein
Drains to Straight sinus
Drainage area Falx cerebri, medial surfaces of cerebral hemispheres
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Anatomy and course

The inferior sagittal sinus runs through the doubled folded margin of the falx cerebri, occupying the posterior two-thirds of the falx. It extends as far as the tentorium cerebelli, where it opens into the straight sinus.

The inferior sagittal sinus increases in size as it courses posteriorly towards the falx. It receives two groups of tributaries:

  • Small veins that drain the falx
  • Anterior pericallosal veins that drain the medial surfaces of the cerebral hemispheres.

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