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Anatomy and function of the uterus.

The perimetrium is one of three layers of the uterine wall, with the myometrium and the endometrium being the other two.

It is the outermost layer and is structurally derived from the peritoneum. The perimetrium envelops most of the uterine surfaces up to the junction where the body of the uterus meets the cervix.

Histologically, it is made up of a thin layer of connective tissue covered by a layer of simple squamous epithelium. This epithelial layer serves as a barrier protecting the uterus from infections and other harmful pathogens.

Apart from fulfilling protective functions, it helps to maintain the structural integrity of the uterus in addition to anchoring to neighbouring structures of the pelvis such as the broad ligament of uterus and the pelvic floor.

Interestingly, the perimetrium is involved in the menstrual cycle. It responds to hormonal changes by thickening and thinning to help prepare the uterus for the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Terminology English: Perimetrium
Synonyms: Serosa of uterus, Serous coat of uterus

: Perimetrium
Synonym: Tunica serosa uteri
Definition The perimetrium is the outermost layer of the uterine wall.
Function Protection agains infection, maintaining structural integrity of uterus, menstrual cycle.

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