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Recommended video: Skeletal muscle tissue [12:25]
This type of tissue is found in skeletal muscles and is responsible for the voluntary movements of bones.

The perimysium also called interfascicular connective tissue, is a connective tissue sheath that surrounds individual muscle fascicles (bundles of muscle fibers), and separates them from other fascicles within the skeletal muscle.

The perimysium is made up of dense irregular connective tissue which contains mainly type I and type III collagen. It is continuous with the endomysium that wraps around individual muscle fibers, and the epimysium which encloses the entire muscle.

It contains a rich network of blood vessels and nerves, known as the neurovascular bundles, that branch out to supply muscle fibers of each fascicle with nutrients and oxygen, while also facilitating signal transmission.

During muscle contraction, the perimysium transmits the force produced by individual muscle fibers across the fascicles, generating smooth, coordinated muscle contraction and movements.

Terminology English: Perimysium
Synonym: Interfascicular connective tissue

Synonym: Textus connectivus interfascicularis
Definition Fibrous sheath envelopes each fascicles (muscle bundle) of skeletal muscle.
Structure Dense irregular connective tissue; predominantly type I and type III collagen
Function Transmission of contraction forces, transmission of neuronal signals to muscle fibers, delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscle fibers

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