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Anatomy Tools: How and Where to Find Them

Anatomy is a very individual subject, considering the fact that by the time a student has completed the course, they will be able to recognize a very distinct studying pattern that was devised, copied or simply emerged in order to retain information. The specific anatomy tools that are utilized in this process: books, online atlases, flashcards etc., and how to use them, can seem daunting to the new student. Here the following questions are addressed using the advice of a newly qualified doctor:

  • How do you find out what is required?
  • How do you gain access to the materials?


How do you find out what is required?

This one is actually quite easy. Firstly, attend freshers week and get your study guide or welcome package. This should contain all the requirements for the classes you will be taking that semester.


Secondly, attend the lectures, seminars and any other classes the anatomy department of your school puts on during the semester! The teachers are usually the ones examining you so by interacting with them on a weekly basis, you will start to understand their ways and what they want.

Thirdly, ask! Both teachers and older students can give you insight to the exams and studying techniques, old notes, etc. If you don’t understand something, or you want clarification, standing silent is not going to help.

Lastly, it is not the same everywhere, but a good guideline would be:


  • Anatomy atlas, either in print or online
  • The theory of anatomy (can be included or separate) that explains things individually as well as regionally.
  • Optionally flashcards can be a great help, but aren’t a necessity.
  • Use an interactive online anatomy trainer like Kenhub's

Kenhub's Flashcard eBooks


  • The theory of histology
  • A good set of colour pictures or real slides (Tip: if your department provides them, print them out on photographic paper and write the name of the slide and all the most important information and use them as flashcards!


The theory of embryology with detailed, labelled pictures.

How do you gain access to the materials?

The answer to this is a bit more complex. It really depends on what your study technique is and whether you find the school materials comprehensive. In any case, here is where you should start looking:

  • School Booklist
  • Syllabus
  • Local bookstores, online shipping companies (usually the cheapest!) or the University bookshop
  • Student Book Sales
  • Online Materials or Apps (like Kenhub!)

Kenhub ipad

  • Student Forums
  • Student Service Center
  • Old Notes (Ask older students and people in your year who seems to know!)
  • Department Teachers or Examiners (Ask their opinion on two different books!)

Not all of these are necessary, but so that you make a smart and informed decision, the underlined options seemed to be the most helpful.

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Author: Dr. Alexandra Sieroslawska


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