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Learn the parts of a cell with diagrams and cell quizzes

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. But did you know that they themselves are made up of several parts? What’s more, there are also thousands of different types of cells which perform specialized functions according to their location in the body and their structure. They group together to form tissues, which in turn group together to form organs, which of course make up systems. Understanding their forms and functions, then, is crucial to your anatomy studies.  

Where to start? Learning about the parts of a cell which permit it to function and reproduce. With simple explanations, cell diagrams and quizzes, this article is going to have your knowledge up to scratch in no time. Ready to dive into the inner life of the cell? Great. Let’s learn about cell parts.

Test your knowledge of the parts of a cell with our unlabeled worksheet
Test your knowledge of the parts of a cell with our unlabeled worksheet
  1. What are the parts of a cell?
  2. Improve your memory using cell diagrams
    1. Cell diagram labeled
    2. Cell diagram unlabeled
  3. Learn faster with interactive cell quizzes
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What are the parts of a cell?

There exist two general classes of cells:

  • Prokaryotic cells: Simple, self-sustaining cells (bacteria and archaea)
  • Eukaryotic cells: Complex, non self-sustaining cells (found in animals, plants, algae and fungi)

In this article, we’ll be focusing on eukaryotic cells.

Two major regions can be found in a cell. The first is the cell nucleus, which houses DNA in the form of chromosomes. The second is the cytoplasm, a thick solution mainly comprised of water, salts, and proteins. The parts of a eukaryotic cell responsible for maintaining cell homeostasis, known as organelles, are located within the cytoplasm.

These cell parts are involved in functions like energy production, building proteins and eliminating toxins.

Improve your memory using cell diagrams

Now that you’re familiar with the parts of a eukaryotic cell, it’s time to test your memory and understanding! One of our favourite ways to begin the revision process is with a cell labelling quiz. Using a cell diagram as the reference point, these quizzes challenge you to label the cell according to the different parts you have just learned about.

Cell diagram labeled

For this exercise we’ll start with an image of a cell diagram ready labeled. Study this and make sure that you’re clear about which structure is found where.

Cell diagram unlabeled

It’s time to label the cell yourself! As you fill in the cell structure worksheet, remember the functions of each part of the cell that you learned in the video. Doing this will help you to remember where each part is located.

Click the links below to download the labeled and unlabeled eukaryotic cell diagrams.


Struggling to remember what goes where? Don’t despair - identifying the parts of a cell will get easier with practice! If you believe you could do with a little more revision, our feedback based cell quizzes are going to improve your knowledge, fast.

Learn faster with interactive cell quizzes

Now that you’ve kicked off your revision using our cell structure worksheets, it’s time to step up and consolidate your knowledge. In other words: it’s time to experience the power of learning anatomy with the quizzes from Kenhub.

Not only can these quizzes be used to revise what you already know, but they can also teach you a topic from scratch. So, if you don’t feel like using our cell diagrams and worksheets and would prefer to go straight into answering cell quiz questions - no problem! 

With our cell organelles quizzes, you’ll be able to choose from four different quiz modes to really cement your knowledge of cell parts from every angle. Our basic identification quizzes will provide you with a selection of images and ask you to identify the correct structure based on prompts. 

With our advanced identification quizzes, you’ll have to identify the correct structure with absolutely no prompts - a serious challenge! If you’re preparing for an exam, look no further than our cell structure question banks, which will test your knowledge of cell function and structure in a clinical context. Finally, if you’re looking for a mix of all three cell quiz types, you can take our intelligent mix quiz!  

Learn more about our anatomy quiz questions and how to use them for anatomy mastery. 

Ready to answer some cell questions? Let's go!

Click below for additional quizzes about the cell and tissue types of the human body.

If you found these cell quizzes useful, we think you’ll love our free anatomy quiz guides which cover lots more anatomy topics! 

Learn the parts of a cell with diagrams and cell quizzes : want to learn more about it?

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