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Learn the parts of the femur with these femur quizzes and labeled diagrams

Recommended video: Femur [12:12]
Anatomy and function of the thigh bone.

As the longest and strongest bone in the body, it’s likely you’ve already at least heard of the femur. But behind the fame and glory, what’s the anatomy story? What are the functions, markings and parts of the femur? 

In this article, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about this topic. We’ll begin with an overview of femur anatomy. Next, we’ll look at some diagrams of the femur labeled and unlabeled to test your identification skills. Finally, we’ll end with some interactive femur quizzes to fully consolidate your knowledge. Ready? Let’s get into it.

Unlabeled diagram showing the femur (download free PDF below!)
  1. Basic anatomy and parts of the femur
  2. Improve your memory with labeled diagrams 
    1. Femur bone labeled 
    2. Femur bone unlabeled
  3. Make your knowledge stick with interactive quizzes
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Basic anatomy and parts of the femur

The femur is a long bone found in the lower extremity. It serves as the attachment site for several muscles of the hip and leg, allowing it to withhold pressure from multiple angles.

There are three main parts to the femur:

  • The proximal end
  • The shaft
  • The distal end

At the proximal end of the femur, it connects with the acetabulum of the pelvis to form the acetabulofemoral joint (aka: the hip joint). At the distal end, the femur forms the tibiofemoral joint with the tibia, and the patellofemoral joint with the patella. Those two joints form one of the most important joints of the human body, the knee joint.

Improve your memory with labeled diagrams 

One of the best ways to prepare for a bone lab or even to support the upkeep of knowledge in everyday clinical practice, is to view all the parts of the femur in context on a labeled diagram. Seeing all of the parts labeled together helps you to form a complete picture in your mind, which you can retrieve at any moment. Let’s take a look at the femur diagrams below.

Femur bone labeled 

In the diagram below you can see the femur bone and all of its parts labeled. Spend some time revising by trying to link what you’ve learned in the video to what you see on this femur diagram. 

Labeled overview of the femur bone.

Femur bone unlabeled

Hopefully by this stage, all the parts of the femur have begun to slot into place in your memory. So there’s only one thing left to do - put it to the test! To begin, try our femur labeling quiz by downloading the free PDF below. This uses the same femur diagram as above but with blank labels for you to label the femur parts from memory.


Still feel like you could do with some practice? This femur labeling quiz was just the warm-up. Our interactive femur quizzes, based on spaced repetition, are where the real magic (aka: long-term memory consolidation) happens. Keep reading to learn more.

Make your knowledge stick with interactive quizzes

What makes our femur bone quizzes the ultimate way to make knowledge stick? The first reason is that they allow you to test your knowledge from every angle, from identifation to clinical correlation to fully customizable quizzes based on your personal goals. 

Secondly, our smart algorithm learns your weak spots as you move through the quiz, generating more questions on those topics for you until you’ve proved your competence. Plus, you can take them as many times as you like, and track your points and progress as you improve. 

Intrigued? Explore them for yourself right now! Simply click the “Start” button below to get going. 

And now you’re finished! Great job. If you need to repeat the quizzes and rewatch the video, don’t hesitate. Repetition is the key to success! 

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Learn the parts of the femur with these femur quizzes and labeled diagrams: want to learn more about it?

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