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Learn the facial muscles easily with quizzes and labeled diagrams

Recommended video: Muscles of facial expression [12:24]
Overview of the muscles responsible for facial expression.

How is it that we are able to smile, frown and pout? It’s all thanks to the movements of the muscles in our face, otherwise known as the facial muscles. There are 20 of them in total, which makes them a somewhat tricky and time consuming topic to learn. But worry not. In the following article, we’ll be helping you to learn face muscle anatomy as quickly and pain-free as possible using a combination of diagrams and quizzes. Let’s get started!

Download this unlabeled facial muscles diagram worksheet below
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Face muscle anatomy

Found situated around openings like the mouth, eyes and nose or stretched across the skull and neck, the facial muscles are a group of around 20 skeletal muscles which lie underneath the facial skin. The majority originate from the skull or fibrous structures, and connect to the skin through an elastic tendon. They are all supplied by the facial artery and innervated by the facial nerve.

Let’s now take a closer look at the names of the facial muscles, their attachments and functions by watching the video below. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready for the next step: a facial muscles labeling quiz! Muscles are always a bit difficult to get your head around, so feel free to watch the video a couple of times if you need to. 

Test your knowledge with labeled diagrams 

Now that you’ve learned about the muscles of the face, it’s time to test your memory and understanding. The best way to do this at the beginning of your revision is by using labeled diagrams. Identification abilities are very important for anatomy exams, and this exercise will give you an idea of where you’re at and how much further you’ve got to go.

Practice test

To begin, spend a few minutes analysing the face muscles diagram above in which all the face muscles are clearly labeled. Once you think you’ve got a solid idea of the location of each muscle (top tip: try to associate the location with the function to aid your memory!), you can try labelling the muscles yourself using our facial muscles labelling quiz below. Simply fill in the blanks with the face muscles names you remember.


How did you get on? If you still need a bit of practice, no worries. This was just a warm-up to get your brain thinking! The next stage is to test yourself using some interactive facial muscles quizzes. These will help you tie everything together.

Interactive facial muscles quizzes 

Before you get started with our facial muscles quizzes, you might be interested to know exactly how they work and what they offer.

All Kenhub quizzes can be used to revise a topic you’ve already learned, or to learn a topic completely from scratch. They’re powered by a special algorithm which learns where your weak spots lie based on your initial answers, and gives you more questions on those topics as a result.

The nature of quizzes means that you can use them to test your knowledge just as you’re about to forget something, inspired by the scientifically proven technique of spaced repetition. Even better? You can test your knowledge of the facial muscles using several different formats. 

If you want to improve your identification skills, try a basic or advanced muscles of the face identification quiz. If you’re preparing for clinical exam questions, don’t miss our question bank quizzes. And to really ace your knowledge of attachments, functions and innervations, our specialized muscle quizzes are a must. Want a mixture of everything? The intelligent mix quizzes combine all the above exercises! Finally, you can even create your own customizable quiz. 

Read more about our anatomy quiz questions and how they can help you reach your anatomy goals.

Ready to solidify your knowledge on the muscles of facial expression? Quiz yourself now!

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Learn the facial muscles easily with quizzes and labeled diagrams: want to learn more about it?

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