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Neurovasculature of the head and the neck - want to learn more about it?

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Atlas - Neurovasculature of the head and the neck

External carotid artery
Internal carotid artery
Facial artery
Ascending pharyngeal artery
Stylohyoid muscle
Digastric muscle
Body of mandible
Masseter muscle
Angular artery
Levator labii superioris
Angular vein
Facial nerve
Trigeminal nerve
Cervical plexus
Great auricular nerve
Spinal nerve C2
Spinal nerve C3
Mastoid process
Vagus nerve
Posterior auricular nerve
External acoustic meatus
Auricularis posterior muscle
Superior nuchal line
Occipital bone
External occipital protuberance
Lesser occipital nerve
Greater occipital nerve
Rectus capitis posterior major muscle
Obliquus capitis inferior muscle
Obliquus capitis superior muscle
Trapezius muscle
Frontal nerve
Supraorbital nerve
Supraorbital notch
Frontal sinus
Bulbar conjunctiva
Supratrochlear nerve
Nasociliary nerve
Superior oblique muscle
Trochlea of superior oblique muscle
Corrugator supercilii muscle
External nasal branch of anterior ethmoidal nerve
Cartilage of nasal septum
Infratrochlear nerve
Medial rectus muscle
Maxillary nerve
Zygomaticofacial nerve
Temporal bone
Zygomatic bone
Zygomatic branches of facial nerve
Lacrimal nerve
Zygomaticotemporal nerve
Temporal fossa
Temporalis muscle
Zygomatic arch
Mandibular nerve
Infraorbital nerve
Infraorbital foramen
Nasal vestibule
Superficial temporal artery
Auriculotemporal nerve
Buccal nerve
Buccal branches of facial nerve
Buccinator muscle
Mental nerve
Mental foramen
Orbicularis oris muscle
Temporal branches of facial nerve
Auricularis anterior muscle
Orbicularis oculi
Cervical branch of facial nerve
Platysma muscle
Transverse cervical nerve
Transverse cervical nerve
Depressor anguli oris
Marginal mandibular branch of facial nerve
Infraorbital artery
Ophthalmic artery
Inferior labial artery
Mental branch of inferior alveolar artery
Superior labial artery
Maxillary artery
Buccal artery
Inferior rectus muscle
Inferior oblique muscle
Posterior auricular artery
Occipital artery
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
Submental artery
Mylohyoid muscle
Levator palpebrae superioris muscle
Supraorbital artery
Transverse facial artery
Facial vein
Retromandibular vein
Inferior labial vein
Superior labial vein
Deep facial vein
Pterygoid plexus
Supraorbital vein
Superficial temporal vein
Supratrochlear vein
Middle temporal vein
Posterior auricular vein
Occipital vein
Lateral pterygoid muscle
Pterygopalatine fossa
Neck of mandible
Petrotympanic fissure
Middle meningeal artery
Foramen spinosum
Dura mater
Inferior alveolar artery
Mandibular foramen
Trigeminal ganglion
Foramen ovale
Lingual nerve
Mandibular notch
Medial pterygoid muscle
Middle temporal artery
Lacrimal artery
Anterior deep temporal artery
Greater wing of sphenoid bone
Sphenoid bone
Sphenopalatine artery
Sphenopalatine foramen
Posterior lateral nasal branches of sphenopalatine artery
Posterior septal branches of sphenopalatine artery
Greater palatine artery
Inferior orbital fissure
Posterior superior alveolar artery
Tympanic cavity
Ophthalmic nerve
Brachiocephalic trunk
Aortic arch
Foramen rotundum
Anterior cerebral artery
Anterior choroidal artery
Thyroid cartilage
Greater horn of hyoid bone
Superior laryngeal nerve
Styloglossus muscle
Glossopharyngeal nerve
Hypoglossal nerve
Superior thyroid vein
Superior thyroid artery
Thyroid gland
Lingual artery
Hyoglossus muscle
Deep lingual artery
Sublingual artery
Internal jugular vein
Common carotid artery
Accessory nerve
Levator scapulae muscle
Middle scalene muscle
Ansa cervicalis
Supraclavicular nerves
Phrenic nerve
Dorsal scapular nerve
Long thoracic nerve
Anterior scalene muscle
Subclavian vein
Subscapular nerves
Internal thoracic artery

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