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Vertebral column

Vertebral column

The vertebral column is a bony structure that provides the main support within the axial skeleton. It is further divided into sections which will be discussed... More.
  1. Thoracic and lumbar spines
    Bones and ligaments of the thoracic and lumbar spines.
  2. Cervical spine
    Bones and ligaments of the cervical spines.
  3. Sacrum and coccyx
    Bony structures and ligaments of the sacrum and coccyx.
  4. Craniovertebral ligaments
    Ligaments connecting the skull to the vertebrae.
  5. Veins of the vertebral column
    Overview of the veins of the vertebral column and the vertebral canal.
  6. Veins of the isolated vertebra
    Veins of the vertebra as seen from a superior view
  7. Vertebral column
    [80 questions] - Clinical anatomy, topography, functions and more details related to the structures found in the vertebral column.
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