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Inferior Nasal Concha


Inferior nasal concha (green)

The Inferior nasal concha is the most caudally based of the three nasal conchae. While the superior and middle nasal conchae form part of the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone, the inferior nasal concha is a bony structure by itself. It sits on the vertical bony plate known as the nasal septum, separating the nasal cavity into two bilateral and symmetrical anatomical caves.

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The pair of curved inferior nasal conchae overhang the wall on either side as a lateral protuberance. They mature via endochondral ossification and nest within a curvature of the nasal septum, so that its protuberance doesn’t span the entire width of the nasal cavity.

Articulating bony structures include the frontal process of the maxilla anteriorly, the uncinate process of the ethmoid bone and the lacrimal bone anteriorly and medially and the perpendicular plate of the palatine bone posteriorly and medially.

Osseous Development

Laterally, the inferior nasal concha is concave and has no articulations, but it is not the same as the nasal bones or the vomer, because the bone is rounded, with an irregular surface of small impressions and tiny holes and it forms the inferior nasal meatus. The medial surface, closest to the nasal septum, is convex and hold numerous grooves that house passing vessels.

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  • Inferior nasal concha (green) - Yousun Koh 
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