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Lacrimal caruncle

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Sagittal section of the orbital cavity and eyeball.

The lacrimal caruncle is a small, reddish, nodular structure located within the lacrimal lake, which is a small triangular space that serves as a collection point for tears. It lies in the medial palpebral commissure, where the eyelids meet at the medial angle of the eye.

The lacrimal caruncle is an area of moist, modified skin. It contains ciliary glands, which are a type of modified sweat glands and produces a dense secretion which contributes to the formation of the coarse, grainy substance frequently found around the eyelids upon waking.

Additionally, it bears fine hairs that help in trapping and removing small particles or debris, and potentially help in the even distribution of the tear film across the eye surface.

Terminology English: Lacrimal caruncle
 Caruncula lacrimalis
Definition Small, red nodule at the medial canthus of the eye
Function Contributes to eye lubrication and maintenance of the tear film

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