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Identifying epithelial tissue: Quizzes and free worksheets

Recommended video: Simple epithelium [13:17]
Structures and types of simple epithelia.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably aware that when it comes to histology, there are several different types of tissues in the human body. Specifically, there are four main types, each with their own subtypes. One of the main four types is called epithelial tissue.

In this article, we’ll be learning more about identifying epithelial tissue with the use of epithelial tissue slides and quizzes. So if you want to up your knowledge, keep reading!

Test your knowledge of types of epithelial tissue types with our unlabeled worksheet: Download below!
  1. Types of epithelial tissue
    1. Simple epithelium
    2. Stratified epithelium 
  2. Epithelial tissue identification quiz
  3. Interactive quizzes
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Types of epithelial tissue

As mentioned, epithelial tissue is one of the four main types of tissue in the human body. It’s ubiquitous, covering body surfaces, lining blood vessels and internal cavities. 

There are two main types of epithelial tissue: simple epithelium, and stratified epithelium. But what are their features and subtypes? Let’s take a look at those now. 

Simple epithelium

Simple epithelium is comprised of just one cell layer, in which each cell is in direct contact with the basement membrane. There are three main subtypes of simple epithelium, characterised by the shape of their constituent cells. These are:

  • Squamous Epithelium
  • Cuboidal Epithelium
  • Columnar Epithelium

Stratified epithelium 

Unlike the single-layered simple epithelium, stratified epithelium is comprised of two or more cell layers. There are four main subtypes of stratified epithelium, which are again named after the shape of their constituent cells. These are:

  • Squamous Epithelium
  • Cuboidal Epithelium
  • Columnar Epithelium
  • Transitional Epithelium 

Identifying epithelial tissue can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but practice makes perfect! Check out the videos on simple and stratified epithelium. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the features of each subtype of epithelial tissue, which will set you up for the next stage of your revision: an epithelial tissue identification quiz!

Epithelial tissue identification quiz

Now that you are familiar with the key differences between the subtypes of simple and stratified epithelium, try your hand at differentiating between the simple epithelium subtypes using our tissue identification quiz worksheet. 

We’ve created a blank (unlabeled) version of the worksheet for you to download below. Simply label the image with the subtype of epithelial tissue it represents. 

Try to label everything yourself before checking your answers against the labeled version of the worksheet (also available to download below). After all, this is a test of your identification skills! You can also use this worksheet to make notes. 

Download PDF Worksheet (blank) Download PDF Worksheet (labeled)

Interactive quizzes

If you want to step things up a level, use the interactive quiz questions powered by our intelligent spaced repetition system. What makes it so intelligent? As you progress through the quiz, it learns which areas you need more practice with based on your right or wrong answers. This makes our epithelial tissue quizzes perfect for learning a topic from scratch, or improving upon what you already know. 

Save time and learn faster. Try our anatomy quiz questions written by experts now. 

We have two main quiz types available for our epithelial tissue quizzes; basic identification, and advanced identification. Basic identification quizzes are ideal for starting you off with identifying epithelial tissue. Once you’re feeling more confident in your knowledge, you can try the advanced identification option, which will test you on things like your ability to spell the type of epithelial tissue shown in a slide without any word prompts. 

Depending on the topic, we also have exam style clinical question bank quizzes, muscle fact quizzes and intelligent mix quizzes - a combination of all quiz types based on your unique learning history. Intrigued? Find out more about our quiz types and how you can use them to study anatomy.  Check out our simple and stratified epithelial tissue quizzes below. Which one will you tackle first?

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Identifying epithelial tissue: Quizzes and free worksheets : want to learn more about it?

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