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Respiratory system quizzes and labeled diagrams

Full to the brim with interesting but arguably complex anatomy, the respiratory system may feel a little confusing to the anatomy apprentice. But fear not - with a bit of practice and dedication, you can certainly kick confusion to the kerb.

In this article, we’re going to share with you some effective ways to do just that. Ready to have all of your respiratory system questions answered? Good - let’s get started!

Test your knowledge of the respiratory system with our unlabeled diagram (download below)

Overview diagrams 

A logical but nonetheless highly effective way to get acquainted with new anatomy terms is to utilise labeled and unlabeled diagrams. With a labeled diagram, you can see all of the main structures of an organ system together on one page - great for helping you to memorise the appearance of several structures and their relations. Unlabeled diagrams can then help you to put your memory to the test.

Below, you’ll find the respiratory system labeled and unlabeled on two separate diagrams. Keep reading to find out how you can use them. 

Respiratory system labeled

All the main parts of the respiratory system, labeled

Take a look at the labeled diagram of the respiratory system above. As you can see, there are several structures to learn. Spend a few minutes reviewing the name and location of each one, then try testing your knowledge by filling in your own diagram of the respiratory system (unlabeled) using the PDF download below. 

Respiratory system unlabeled

Once you’ve filled in your diagram of the respiratory system (unlabeled), it’s time to compare notes with the labeled version. Did you nail it? Or do you need a little more practice? No worries! Look no further than our respiratory system quizzes. 

Download PDF Worksheet (blank) Download PDF Worksheet (labeled)

Respiratory system questions

Have you discovered the power of using quizzes to learn anatomy, yet? If not, let us introduce you. Quizzes are a highly effective and enjoyable way to learn a new topic. In fact, they can even be used to revise what you already know.

Did you know that you can learn the respiratory system with games? Start gaming your way to anatomy success now. 

Luckily for you? We’ve got plenty of respiratory system quizzes containing questions on everything from the lymphatics of the lungs to the bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli. With such a plethora of quizzes, you’re sure to find some respiratory system questions to test your knowledge. Check out our top picks to get started below.

Keep learning with flashcards 

Our respiratory system quizzes don’t stop at the Kenhub quizzes themselves. There’s yet another way to quiz yourself, and that’s with flashcards. Our flashcards operate in a similar way to our regular quizzes - helping you to gradually improve your knowledge using the tried-and-tested technique of spaced repetition and active recall - but you can also use them without an internet connection. Perfect for those boring bus journeys (or when the university wifi is acting up!)! 

With our flashcard eBooks, you can study:

Check out the complete range of respiratory system flashcards in our eBook store.

Are quizzes an effective learning tool for you? Check out our A-Z guide to using anatomy practice quizzes to learn every topic! 

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