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Synovial joint: want to learn more about it?

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Synovial joint

Learning objectives

Synovial joints are articulations between two bones which are surrounded by a joint capsule that encloses a cavity filled with synovial fluid. This study will help you to:

  1. Name four major components of a synovial joint.
  2. Identify other accessory structures related to this classification of joint.

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Key points
Main components of synovial joints - Articular cartilage (covers the ends of the articulating bones)
- Articular capsule (composed of an outer fibrous layer and inner synovial membrane)
- Joint cavity (filled with synovial fluid)
- Reinforcing ligaments (support the articular capsule)
Accessory structures - Bursa (fluid-filled sac which prevents friction)
- Tendon (attachment of muscle to bone)
- Fat pad (protects joint from direct impact)

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Now that you are familiar with the basic anatomy of a synovial joint, it is time to learn about the six main types related to this kind of articulation.

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