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Fundus of uterus

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Anatomy and function of the uterus.

The fundus of uterus, also called the uterine fundus, refers to the dome-shaped, rounded superior part of the body of the uterus that lies above the opening of the uterine tubes.

It consists of a thick layer of smooth muscle tissue, the myometrium and forms the superior border of the uterine cavity. The uterine fundus is typically inclined slightly forward, creating an angle between the body of the uterus and the cervix. 

The location of the fundus can vary based on factors such as age, parity and hormonal influences. Its external surface is covered by peritoneum, which also lines adjacent pelvic organs, forming a continuous connection with neighboring structures. The uterine fundus makes contact with the loops of the small intestine and may sometimes come into contact with the sigmoid colon.

Ternimology English: Fundus of uterus
Synonyms: Uterine fundus
Fundus uteri
Definition Dome-like area of the uterus above the level of the uterine ostia

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