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Recommended video: Bony pelvis [27:56]
Overview of the bony pelvis.

The hip bone is formed from the fusion of three separate bones, the ilium, ischium, and pubis. The pubis is the smallest of these three bones. It is located at the anteroinferior aspect of the pelvis.

The pubis consists of a body and two rami (superior and inferior). Located on the anterior aspect of the pubic body is a bony thickening called the pubic crest. The lateral aspect of this crest is the pubic tubercle. The two pubic rami meet medially at the body of pubis. Laterally, the inferior pubic ramus meets with the ischium while the superior pubic ramus joins the ilium. Together, the ilium, ischium and superior ramus of pubis form the acetabulum, commonly known as the socket for the hip joint. Between the superior and inferior pubic rami is the obturator foramen. The two pubic bones articulate in the midline at the pubic symphysis.

The pubis provides attachment for the rectus abdominus muscle, pectineus muscle, pyramidalis muscle, pubococcygeus muscle and the adductor muscles of the thigh (adductor longus, adductor brevis, adductor magnus, and gracilis). Additionally, the pelvic fascia and associated ligaments. It forms the anterior boundary of the perineum and provides an anterior bony border for the urinary bladder and internal reproductive organs. External to the pubis is the mons pubis (female) or the scrotum (males).

Terminology English: Pubis
Latin: Os pubis
Additional terms English: Body of pubis
Latin: Corpus ossis pubis

English: Superior ramus of pubis
Latin: Ramus superior ossis pubis

English: Inferior ramus of pubis
Latin: Ramus inferior ossis pubis

English: Pubic crest
Latin: Crista pubica

English: Pubic tubercle
Latin: Tuberculum pubicum

English: Pecten pubis / Pectineal line of pubis
Latin: Pecten ossis pubis

English: Symphysial surface of pubis
Latin: Facies symphysialis ossis pubis
Definition and function The pubis is one of three bones that fuse to form the hip bone.
It is located anteroinferior to the ilium and ischium and serves as an attachment point for muscles, ligaments and fascia.

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