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Mons pubis

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Main organs of the female reproductive system.

The mons pubis, also known as mons veneris, is a rounded eminence overlying the pubic bone (pubis). It is considered to be the most anterior and superior part of the external female genitalia

The mons pubis is positioned just anterior to the pubic symphysis, pubic tubercles, and superior pubic rami. More specifically, it is bounded superiorly by the pubic hairline and the lower border of the anterior abdominal wall, and inferiorly by the clitoris. 

Regionally, the mons pubis represents the superficial surface of the perineal region.

It is mainly composed of fatty tissue and the amount of fatty tissue varies in different people and in different ages. The mons pubis is present in both sexes, however, it is more prominent in females. Upon entering puberty, the area of the mons pubis is covered by pubic hair. 

Terminology English: Mons pubis
: Mons pubis
Definition Fatty eminence overlying the pubic bone.
Contents Skin, subcutaneous fatty tissue, pubic hair
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