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Vaginal fornix

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Structure of the uterus and vagina seen in an anterior coronal section.

The vaginal fornix is the widest part at the end of the vaginal canal.

Internally, the cervix protrudes into the proximal end of the vagina forming an enlarged recess between its lower margin and the vaginal wall. This blind-ended recess is the vaginal fornix.

There is a large posterior recess behind the cervix, a smaller anterior part in addition to two small lateral parts.

Each one of the vaginal fornices has a slightly different shape and depth, however, typically during sexual intercourse semen is deposited at the posterior vaginal fornix.

Terminology English: Vaginal fornix
Synonym: Vault of vagina, Vaginal vault

: Fornix vaginae
Definition The vaginal fornix is the widest part at the end of the vaginal canal and is composed of anterior, posterior and lateral parts.

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