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Cerebellum and brainstem

Cerebellum and brainstem

The Cerebellum is responsible for the co-ordination of movements. The Brainstem is located in the posterior cranial fossa and consists of medulla, pons, and m... More.
  1. Cerebellum
    Anterior and superior views of the cerebellum.
  2. Cerebellar nuclei
    Deep nuclei of the cerebellum
  3. Brainstem
    Brainstem and related structures.
  4. Cranial nerve nuclei
    Cranial nerve nuclei in the brainstem seen from lateral and medial views.
  5. Medulla oblongata - hypoglossal nerve level
    Structures of the medulla oblongata at the level of the hypoglossal nerve.
  6. Medulla oblongata - vagus nerve level
    Nuclei and tracts of the medulla oblongata at the level of the vagus nerve.
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