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Orbit and contents

Orbit and contents

The bony orbit is the skeletal cavity or socket which is made up of several cranial structures and surrounds the soft tissue that make up the eye. More.
  1. Bones of the orbit
    Bones and bony structures of the orbit.
  2. Muscles of the orbit
    Overview of the muscles of the orbit and related structures.
  3. Blood vessels of the orbit
    Arteries and veins found on the region of the orbit.
  4. Nerves of the orbit
    Nerves found on the region of the orbit.
  5. Eyeball
    Structure of the eyeball seen on a transverse section.
  6. Eyelids and tunica conjunctiva
    Sagittal section of the orbital cavity and the eyeball
  7. Lens and corpus ciliare - posterior view
    A posterior view of the lens
  8. Blood vessels of the eyeball
    Arteries and veins of the eye.
  9. Lacrimal Apparatus
    Anatomy of the lacrimal apparatus and relation with other structures of the head.
  10. Orbit and contents
    [161 questions] - Clinical anatomy, topography, functions and more details related to the orbit and contents.
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