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Subcortical structures

Subcortical structures

Below the cortex there are important structures (limbic system, diencephalon and ventricles) that play an important role in both motor and cognitive functions. More.
  1. Thalamus
    Overview of the thalamus and surrounding structures.
  2. Hippocampus and fornix
    Hippocampus, fornix and neighbouring structures.
  3. Thalamic nuclei
    Main nuclei of the thalamus
  4. Hypothalamus
    Nuclei and connections of hypothalamus
  5. Ventricles of the brain
    Ventricular system of the brain with neighboring structures.
  6. Coronal section of the brain at the level of the thalamus
    Internal structures of the brain seen at the level of the thalamus.
  7. Horizontal section of the brain
    Horizontal sections of the brain at the levels of the genu of the corpus callosum and the habenula.
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