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Supraclavicular lymph nodes

Arteries, veins, nerves and lymph nodes of the neck.

The supraclavicular lymph nodes are a group of between 4-12 nodes, located superior to the clavicle, along the transverse cervical artery and anterior to the anterior and middle scalene muscles

The supraclavicular nodes form a component of the terminal pathway of the lymphatic system as it joins the venous system. As a result, the supraclavicular nodes receive lymphatic drainage from regions of the head and neck, thorax and abdomen through a complex lymphatic pathway. 

More specifically the right supraclavicular lymph nodes drain the breast, lung and upper esophagus while one of the left supraclavicular lymph nodes (Virchow node) receives efferents from the thoracic ductabdominal cavity and thorax.  

Laterally the supraclavicular nodes are connected to the accessory chain and deep lateral cervical lymph nodes of the neck. Efferent vessels of the supraclavicular lymph nodes and the deep lateral cervical lymph nodes come together to form the jugular trunk on each side. 

Terminology English: Supraclavicular lymph nodes
Latin: Nodi lymphoidei supraclaviculares
Definition A group of between 4-12 nodes, located superior to the clavicle
Drainage Breast, lung, esophagus, abdominal cavity, thorax, head, neck

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