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Recommended video: Introduction to the ear [21:34]
Overview of the structures of the outer ear and auditory tube.

The stapes is one of three bones of the middle ear along with the malleus and incus. These three bones are collectively called auditory ossicles. They are primarily responsible for sound conduction from the tympanic membrane to the middle ear. 

The stapes is the smallest and the lightest bone of the human body. It is stirrup-shaped and composed of several parts including the head, neck, anterior limb, posterior limb and base.

The base of the stapes rests on the oval window of the inner ear, while its head articulates with the incus through the incudostapedial joint. The incudostapedial joint is a ball and socket type of synovial joint. The neck of the stapes serves as the attachment point for the stapedius muscle.

Terminology English: Stapes
Latin: Stapes
Definition The stapes is the smallest bone of the human body located in the middle ear.
Function Transmission of the sound vibrations to the inner ear. 
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