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Peritoneal cavity

Peritoneal cavity

The peritoneal cavity is a space between the parietal peritoneum and visceral peritoneum, which are the two membranes that separate the organs from the abdomi... More.
  1. Greater omentum
    Overview of the greater omentum and neighbouring abdominal viscera.
  2. Mesentery
    Overview of the mesentery on anterior view of abdomen with greater omentum reflected and small intestine removed.
  3. Peritoneal relations
    Peritoneal cavity as seen in a parasagittal section.
  4. Omental bursa
    Omental bursa in situ with stomach reflected.
  5. Retroperitoneum
    Structures of the posterior wall of the peritoneal cavity.
  6. Structures of the peritoneal cavity
    [184 questions] - Clinical anatomy, topography, intraperitoneal organs and more details related to the peritoneal cavity.
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