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Recommended video: Introduction to the brain [15:09]
Basic anatomy and function of the brain.

The cerebrum, also called the telencephalon, refers to the two cerebral hemispheres (right and left) which form the largest part of the brain. It sits mainly in the anterior and middle cranial fossae of the skull.

The surface of the cerebrum is formed by an outer grey matter layer, which is thrown into a convoluted pattern of ridges and furrows called gyri and sulci respectively. Deep to the cerebral cortex is an inner mass of white matter, which forms the bulk of the cerebrum and contains myelinated nerve fibers that convey information to or from the cerebral cortex. A final component of the cerebral cortex are several collections of neuronal cell bodies buried within the white matter called subcortical structures.

Terminology English: Cerebrum
Function High-order cognitive processes, control of voluntary movement, perception of sensory stimuli

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